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Website Builder Expert aims to provide you with honest data. That’s whywe conduct our own researchand obtain direct, personal insight. Analyses and graphics in this article are based on authentic sources cross-validated by our in-house experts. To do this, it’s likely you’ll need to work with a developer. They regularly update their system, and it’s your job to make sure your store is up-to-date and glitch-free.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

You’ll need to contact the team to find out how much service this will be for you, but it usually starts at a price of at least $500 per month. For $79 a month, you get to set up more staff accounts and use things like gift cards and professional reports. Drag-and-drop elements are wonderful to see, but the main point to consider is whether or not you have access to the primary editing tools.

Best ecommerce solution for larger businesses

Managing your products is important to ensure accuracy and keep things organized. Make sure the platform you choose offers features such as product variants, inventory management, product reviews and more. Keeping track of your inventory is important to ensure you never oversell or run out of stock. Most e-commerce platforms will offer some sort of inventory management, but the level of detail and features will vary from platform to platform. The best e-commerce platforms will offer a wide variety of features and integrations to choose from, making it easy to build the exact store you need.

Wix stands out as one of the most popular tools for site building available. The chances are that you’ve already heard of this solution before, thanks to all the advertising the company has been doing lately. If you haven’t heard of Wix, the first thing you need to know is that it’s a very intuitive service. Most users struggle when trying to pick the best ecommerce software. There are different requirements to compare, different price points, features, abilities, designs, and so on. The good news is there are tons of options, so you can find a price to suit your budget.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

Wix is just one of the many leading tools on the market for eCommerce site building today, but it’s extremely popular for a reason. It’s not just ads featuring Heidi Klum and Gal Gadot that make Wix so appealing. This is a service that can appeal to businesses of all sizes, selling a wide range of products online. Wix is designed to be extremely flexible and scalable, with plenty of add-on features to help your business grow with the needs of your customers.

For example, the marketing tools are far more advanced with BigCommerce. This is one of the biggest things you want to look for in ecommerce software. Not only does a robust set of templates assist complete beginners, but it gives advanced users a place to start with their customizations, too. Just like your smartphone has its OS – most likely iOS or Android – your online store needs an OS as well.

Tribe is easy to use, is backed by free installation, and offers 3 months of free technical support. Moreover, many features that are only available via paid plugins or modules in other eCommerce software, are offered out of the box in Tribe. Additionally, Tribe is backed by an Agile team with eCommerce expertise that provides affordable services.

Besides, you’re not required to self-host your store, taking much of the load off your shoulders. Most importantly, you have things like security, speed, performance, and every other hosting-related issue taken care of. Self-hosted ecommerce software is terrific for customization.

Its themes cover fashion, beauty, food & beverages, electronics – pretty much anything you can imagine! These themes are also mobile-optimized, meaning your customer’s experience will be smooth no matter what device they’re using. However, for sheer number of designs, Volusion can’t match Shopify (offering 45 compared to Shopify’s 100+). BigCommerce’s pricing starts at $29.95 per month, and doesn’t charge transaction fees on any of its plans.

Its highest-tiered plan allows for multichannel inventory and doubles the SSD storage. Another difference is that BigCommerce plans have a limit on the amount of sales you make per year, so its entry-level plan has a cap of $50,000 in annual sales. If you earn more than that, you’ll need to choose a higher plan, such as the Plus plan for $79.95 per month for up to $180,000 in annual sales. This can make BigCommerce less affordable to grow with, though its built-in sales and marketing tools can help you drive more sales—making it a good value for many. The downside of Wix is that storage is limited to 50 GB, and the price for unlimited storage jumps up to $59 per month.


Moreover, it can be integrated with different business-related applications. Most importantly, it shouldn’t take weeks or months to make changes your customers need right now. Ditch the legacy software and opt for a solution that’s easy to use and supports quick deployment.

  • Tribe offers all the necessary and popular features needed for an eCommerce store.
  • On the flip side though, it lacks certain SEO and content marketing features, checkout is not customizable and the apps are expensive.
  • For these reasons & considering today’s testing times, Tribe has been offered free of cost with source code ownership by the Yo!
  • They already have all the tools built in for you to create your online store, so you can start selling quickly and easily without knowing a line of code.

For someone unfamiliar with coding, or someone short on time and resources, this process will seem like a mountain to climb. Front-end customizability changes the design elements, look, and feel of the e-store via themes. That is why technical support is a critical component in the eCommerce software package. The idea of turnkey eCommerce software is to let you start your e-Store without the need to code a website from scratch.

Where can I hire someone who knows eCommerce for small business?

You won’t get that from companies like ECWid and BigCommerce. PCI compliance doesn’t necessarily apply to the ecommerce software itself but rather to the complete, operational ecommerce store built with this software. Meaning, if you end up using WordPress as your software of choice then it’s up to you to pick a web host that’s PCI-compliant (we’ll cover this later on). While all of them will claim that they are “all you’ll ever need,” sometimes that’s just not the case. There are tons of different features available, and some of the more specific stuff comes at different price points.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

Shopify Plus is a modern, flexible ecommerce platform that makes it easy to serve both B2B and DTC customers from one central place. Think about what you need for your small business, from an all-in-one backend for managing your products, to enhanced shopping cart software, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, remember, if you want your online business to be successful, you’ll need to choose an eCommerce platform that offers a good customer experience too. For this article, I tested 20 different ecommerce software solutions.

Make it easy for customers to make bulk orders, request a quote and turn it into an order, and reorder items from past purchases. Build curated online catalogs for different segments of your B2B buyers. Sales reps can create custom quotes and offer discounts to customers in addition to predefined pricing. Instead of taking orders manually over the phone or by email, let your B2B customers place orders with you 24/7 with access to their pricing and products.

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If you aren’t satisfied with the platform within 30 days, you can get a full refund. It also offers 24/7 customer support, which is an ideal feature for any e-commerce platform. If you have an online store, e-commerce tools are essential for managing stock, handling purchases, and satisfying customer orders. Our top, tested picks will help you select the best one for your business. Its API allows integration with third-party applications, allowing lots of customization potential. It offers hundreds of features out of the box, including templates to create and design your digital store with ease.

Worth noting, however, is that Shopify offers a discounted rate on in-person credit card transactions, while BigCommerce does not. At this tier, BigCommerce and Shopify offer a number of similar features. These include 24/7 support, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, the ability to list an infinite number of products, and the option to sell on both online marketplaces and social media.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

Don’t be sold on convincing claims or promises from new companies, trust the established platforms used by your favorite brands. In most cases, a little more time and effort in your initial investment is worth a higher ceiling as your company grows and evolves. There are many different factors to consider when comparing ecommerce software solutions. It is not as simple as comparing ease of use with customization, and many options exist.

These are the features that determine the UI and UX of your website. The customer experience will impact the buyer’s journey and decide the sales conversion of the e-store. Features like navigation, search results, and many more come under this category. Squarespace and Magento offer the best design and theme options. Bagisto is an eCommerce software built using the open-source Laravel framework. It offers numerous eCommerce features by way of eCommerce integrations.

You’ll pay credit card processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per order, which is standard across the industry. Features are robust; enjoy unlimited staff accounts, as many products as you need, variations and digital downloads. Square is widely used by many different industries, whether a restaurant or a brick-and-mortar boutique, thanks to its chip reader and point-of-sale solutions. It’s another one of our top picks because it offers a free plan, as well as multichannel selling included with each plan option.

This allows for greater flexibility and customization, but can be more difficult to set up and manage. A study performed by First Insight found consumers of all ages are expecting companies to uphold more sustainable practices. Cloud-based e-commerce platforms, on the other hand, are hosted by the platform provider. This means you don’t have to worry about things such as server maintenance, but you also have less control over your site. All plans have 2.9% plus 30 cents credit card transaction fees, except for the Premium plan, which has fees of 2.6% plus 30 cents. BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that holds your hand through the store-building process, courtesy of a deep knowledgebase, video tutorials, and active user forums.

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If you’re just getting started and consider yourself tech-savvy, PrestaShop is worth a look. The open-source ecommerce software is very flexible and customizable–a pro and a con on its own. If you aren’t afraid of some technical configuring or want the flexibility that comes along with that, a WooCommerce shop offers tons of options. You’ll also have access to a massive library of additional plugins you can use to customize and optimize your online store. ECommerce software are turnkey solutions that can be used to build eCommerce websites.

BigCommerce has a well-stocked app market for any extra features you may want to add to your store – however, you’ll be less reliant on it than you would be with Shopify. Comparison Chart of Online Store Builders – see our side-by-side comparison of all the different ecommerce builder tools. To grab a piece of that pie, you need an ecommerce solution.