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Many of the topics are tilted towards how to become a better trader – from technicals, trade setups to trading tenets – Nial covers a lot of ground most especially in price action trading. Posts offers beginner traders and more experienced traders some brilliant insights, learnings and take home messages. They offer a wide range of content that is suitable for both beginner and advanced traders. Hi friends, today I am here to share with you 9 best forex trading blogs to be followed by every trader to be a successful trader in the Forex market.

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He is a knowledgeable and smart guy having studied Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy. You can also enjoy reading and participating in the Baby Pips forum which is among the biggest trading forums out there and among the most popular forex forum. If you’re interested in learning more about your preferred broker and what goes around at the executive level then Finance Magnates can supply this information to you as well. If the CEO of your preferred broker resigns or if your broker gets into financial problems, you’re most likely to hear it first on Finance Magnates. This is one of the reasons why Finance Magnates made the cut to our best Forex websites. European Dividend Growth Investor shares his journey towards retiring early in Europe via dividend investing.

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Seeking Alpha is an investing community which includes millions of passionate investors who connect daily to discuss the latest news, debate the merits of stocks and investment decisions. Similar to How I Day Trade, Day Trade Arcade is a blog that focuses on trade ideas and weekly trading recaps. We like the detailed videos below each recap, as they help better understand the trades and important technical levels that the author describes.

There is also a section, devoted to investment in financial markets, where the authors study top investment options and offer advice for forex investors. It’s part of the process of becoming a successful forex trader and often can help you save lots of money if you learn the forex trading taxation laws in your country. Each type of tax has its requirements, which means you have to pay a different amount. For that purpose, you must consider the proper taxation based on the scope of your trading activity. For example, if you plan to build a trading career as a forex trader, you will likely report your earnings in the form of individual income tax or corporation tax.


Oftentimes, blog posts are written by guest writers like Dan Blystone, Chief Market Strategist from Scandinavian Capital Markets and a good friend of Hugh. Notably, the blog has the recurring theme of advocating for price action trading. There is a lot of beginner content offered which is very much aligned with the blog’s forex education resources available on the site. Blog

Posts under Analysis are quite frequent; around once a week sometimes 2x a week. These posts are akin to market commentaries where Nick takes a walk through on trading opportunities on certain currency pairs. Over 15 years of trading forex market, Nick is based in the UK, and is the founder of forex4noobs.


The team at TSG has gathered together a large collection of strategies that are suitable for all types of trading styles and levels. While you can find trading strategies for every asset class, the TSG website has a distinct focus on providing top-notch trading strategies for Forex traders and cryptocurrency traders. Nick B’s trading style is all about price action and support and resistance levels. In other words, Nick’s preferred trading style is naked trading.


We teach streamlined methods for learning to reach their Forex and Options trading goals. Our mission is to create successful traders through a time-tested and trusted training program recognized around the globe. Follow this site as we help traders create positive returns with their investments. Provides traders with insights and strategies to confidently trade stocks, and ETFs. TradersPro is a systematic trading application that searches for qualified, high-ranking stocks, gives traders specific trade entry and exit signals. Two Blokes Trading is a fun and informative podcast and website for new and experienced online traders.

The great thing is since some blogs on the list have forums, you could potentially make many trader friends to guide you. Justin Bennett created DPA in 2014 and has quickly made a name for himself internationally as one of the top price action traders globally. Justin uses simple price action strategies to teach you what you need to know and doesn’t fluff around.

The Bulls on Wall Street blog aims to provide top-notch trading education and actionable trade ideas, to enable their readers to make more informed investment decisions. The Calculated Risk blog publishes very regular updates covering the very latest market news and industry analysis, that allows it’s readers to then make informed stocks decisions. Emini Methods is run by a physicist who day trades the e-mini futures market, which makes the blog an interesting combination of trading and scientific posts. If you’re interested in the fundamental and macro side of the foreign exchange market, then Marc Chandler’s blog “Marc to Market” deserves a place in your bookmarks. Marc writes about the latest market-moving events and news that impact currency exchange rates. helps traders of all levels learn how to trade the financial markets.

Trading with Rayner is a casually written blog without sacrificing professionalism. This is ideal for beginning traders as big concepts are dissected in a way that it is easy to grasp. Instruments discussed in the blog cover forex, futures, and stocks, with majority of the focus on forex. The blog has a recurring theme of very detailed articles; perfect for traders who would like to take a deep dive on the topic discussed.

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  • LiteFinance trading blog is a popular and full source or regularly updated information, essential to trade successfully and improve your trading skills all the time.
  • Investopedia is one of the world’s leading source of financial content on the web, with more than 20 million unique visitors and 60 million page views each month.
  • Unlike other blogs reviewed, Trading with Rayner blog does not have daily market or chart updates.
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Frankly, many traders do not use trading forums and even dislike them as they may create a bias in their trading decisions. But, this way or the other, at some point you might have to get some help or hear another opinion from other traders. When you join a forex forum, you can connect with other traders who are on the same level as you are and going through the same challenges and difficulties. Additionally, you can learn from experienced traders who share their opinions and trading ideas.

We’ve decided to include ZeroHedge into our favorite blog list because it has a huge following in the trading community. His trading tips and tricks have been very constructive over time, so make sure you add this blog in your favorite trading blogs. The Finance and Markets blog can help you gain so much more insight and experience to manage not just your trading activities but also everything related to your personal finances. Like everything else on this website, the educational section of the blog is also free which is why we’ve included this website in our best trading blog list. Steve, the guy who runs the Paracurve Trading blog, has almost 13 years of trading experience from which 9 years is working on the institutional side of the business. His work history and professional education speak loudly about why we’ve chosen Paracurve to be on our best trading blog list.

Over the last few years there has been a boom in forex content online. This is brilliant news for beginners as there are a huge amount of dedicated resources to help traders learn the ropes and reach consistency within the markets. We have compiled a very simple but in-depth list of the worlds leading forex trading blogs. In addition, the trading blog focuses on the upcoming economic highlights, according to which, traders who are based in their trading on fundamental data, plan their trading decisions.

At Vantage Point Trading, you’ll find extensive Trading tutorials as well as day trading and swing trading ideas for forex, stocks, and futures. The topic range in the blog is particularly centered on the technical analysis aspect of trading, more particularly trend following and price action. He specializes in price action trading and has authored several publications . Rayner graduated with a PhD in finance, he began his trading career in a prop firm for two years. Forex 4 Noobs is touted by the authors as a no nonsense and no hype type of content.

Forex Live is a resource that is trusted by most of the fundamental forex retail traders. The blog publishes daily content breaking down sentiment, fundamental ideas and trade ideas. FX Street is a leading source for real time forex analysis where you can find everything you need to make the best decisions in the currency markets. FX Street offers real-time exchange rates, charts, economic calendar, market analysis, trading newsletters, customizable technical studies, live webinars with the most renowned experts on the currency market.

Babypips is a learning website that provides information step by step from newbie to expert levels. The site has tiers from kindergarten to graduate level to guide you in everything forex related even if you’re a complete newbie. Analyticdave offers the best of the Forex and Stock trading in one place. Find individual expert tips, success stories, market trends, and futures. Get the ultimate solution for online trading, technical analysis and automated trading. covers the latest forex news in the currency market and breaking financial news stories.

If a sudden significant price fluctuation happens in the market, you will most likely find an explanation of the price behavior on ZeroHedge. ZeroHedge is without a doubt the most popular doom and gloom preacher in the financial world blogosphere. Our favorite part of the blog is his weekly breakdown of the COT report where Marc highlights the most notable changes in market positioning and whether or not there are extreme bullish or bearish bets. If you’re new to macro trading, Marc to Market blog is the ideal place to start your journey. He is available to answer questions, and in my opinion, I have not found anyone else who writes more valuable information about the industry than Michael. I recommend that you follow this blog so that you can stay on top of what is going on in Forex.

TradingView is one of the most popular and widely used free charting platforms online. This massive site has nearly 200 visitors in a month, and some traders even prefer to use the TradingView charting software over those available on trading platforms. And, as you can expect, it has an excellent trading forum for forex traders. The MQL5 forum covers lots of information about the MetaTrader trading platform.